Xwatch Safety Solutions

We’re a service partner for the sale and installation of Xwatch Safety Solutions’ products.

We keep a stock of Xwatch kits and spares here in the Highlands, including the basic height limiter kit, the SS1. So we’ve got your back should a last minute requirement for that hire under power lines arise! The Xwatch range isn’t limited to just height limitation, of course. Find more information and explore their range below.

Contact us if you have any questions or requirements, or just call Jack if you want a chat about what can be done. These systems can be made to work in many applications. We’ll get you part of the safety revolution in no time!

Setting and creating a safety barrier around the equipment within the equipment’s operating reach, whether it is height, slew or Rci control the ‘feather touch’ proportional hydraulic will easily produce a safe and comfortable working environment for the operator and it is less demanding on the machine unlike other market providers, all brought to you from the team at Xwatch with many years of machine control and safety systems experience. Xwatch understands the demands of the modern site, with forward thinking integration and simple to use operator focused hardware with value and flexibility which is why Xwatch is becoming the market leading choice for many companies.

The XW series is revolutionising the safety market, with height control, slew control, rated capacity indicator (RCI) and stability. Safety at an affordable price.

SS1 Series

Entry Level Height Solution (Self-Install Option)


XW1 Series

Height Solution


XW2 Series

Rated Capacity Indicator (RCI) and Height


XW3 Series

Angular Slew Solution


XW4 Series

Height, Angular and Virtual Wall Slew


XW5 Series

Total Protection


XWTele & Fork

Tele and Fork Height Solution